Yellowknife 2019

with Jackie and Elston
Normally, when we have a successful trip, we are reluctant to repeat for fear of a second time disappointment. However, we had such a good
trip last year with My Backyard Tours in Yellowknife. This is a family owned and run business. It has deep ties in the community to a great
bunch of locals, many of them retired, who have a passion for the area. All of the people associated with this enterprise are top notch. We
highly recommend this outfit which is why we elected to return this year. Our primary objective was to spend five nights in the barren lands at
Peterson Point Lake Lodge.  The camp is 200 miles north of Yellowknife and approximately 50 miles south of the Arctic Circle. In late July, fall
colors arrive with a vengeance and the caribou migration begins.

We arrived in Yellowknife two days early. Margaret was at the airport to meet us. We then rented a car for two days and checked into the Nova
hotel a hotel that would rival any Holiday Inn Express and which is reasonably priced. We went to bed at 7 pm and got up at 11:00 pm. We
drove out to the "Ingraham Trail", a road outside of town, and around 12:30 pm we found a remote spot to watch the aurora.
Our first day of the organized trip, we went out on the Great Slave Lake from Yellowknife where we had a great encounter with loons and bald
eagles as well as a delicious picnic lunch with fish caught fresh from the lake.
Mother loon and child.
More aurora at a cabin owned by Margaret and Amanda outside of Yellowknife
And an aurora tour outside Yellowknife the next night.
On August 29 we flew north to the camp on a twin otter.
The camp is quite luxurious considering the location. There are hot showers, satellite internet via wifi, Food is outrageously good. Toilets are
conveniently located out houses. Chad, a member of the Peterson family, managed the camp. To get out we either hiked or went out in motor
We were fortunate to have good aurora
four of our five nights at the camp.
Blue berries and cranberries covered the ground everywhere.
Aurora over staff cabin.
Boulders strewn everywhere left by glaciers.
We had caribou encounters two days in a row. The second day was the best. After an exhausting charge up a mountain in pursuit of caribou,
this fellow emerged from the brush and walked right by us.
Aurora above our cabin.
Peregrine Falcons high on cliff.
Aurora on our last night
View from the plane as we took off. The barren lands are amazing.
Our thanks to the Peterson family and all their staff who made this another memorable trip. Few people work so hard to make your trip
successful as these people do. Check out their web site by clicking this link:
Peterson Point Lake link