Yellowknife and Peterson's Point Lake Lodge

Jackline and Elston Hill

Early September 2018
Jackie next to historic float plane.
Houseboats on the great slave lake. They have no utilities. Paddle a canoe in summer and walk or drive across on the ice in
the cold season.
Left. A Bed and
Breakfast on the water.
Below, just a few loons.
Aurora with a full moon.
Catepillars everywhere.
Last of the fireweed.
My Backyard Tours gave us a wonderful tour of Yellowknife and the lake including a terrific fish fry.
After two days in Yellowknife, we flew a pontoon bush plane to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge about 150 miles north of
Yellowknife. Normally, there should have been caribou, but not this year for the first time in ten years. But we were not
disappointed.  Fall colors were in their prime.
Grizzly on the tundra.
Our group of eleven traveled around the lake in five motor boats. Bruce was our guide on two days of these tours. All the
guides were just terrific.
The camp outhouse.
We had one terrific aurora show on our fourth of five nights.
The guides at Peterson's Point are just amazing. Always there to help. If you want to be spoiled, this is the place to go.
Our thanks to the Peterson family for such an amazing trip. If you go to Trip Advisor, you will see that their two outfits, My
Backyard Tours and Peterson's Point have the highest ratings possible on Trip Advisor. They are good. So so really good.