On the third day of our trip, we had a moose swim right across the river in front of us and then climb out
on shore. This was the first of a number of these big impressive animals that we saw.
Another day as we were paddling along the river we encountered a grizzly walking up our direction.
Despite his immense size, he quickly took off. It has been our experience with grizzlies in the wild that they
prefer to avoid human contact.
We encountered some muskoxen on this trip at a distance. However, our most numerous encounters
were with the caribou.
The biggest rapids of the trip occurred in the middle of the river. For two days we paddled covered
One of the best experiences of the trip was when we rounded a bend and saw a herd of hundreds of
caribou making ready to cross the river. When they saw us they retreated and the herd circled and
there was a lot of noise with the bulls circling the outer edge of the herd.